Mizuno Rhrn Right Side Shot
Mizuno Rhrn Sole Shot

Mizuno Get Weird with Sock-Like RHRN Runners
Release: 19 July 2019

Style Code: D1GA1999

Colourway: Black Striped Knit

Mizuno are giving us a blast from 2017 with a technical sock runner. Named the RHRN, this design has ribbed uppers to secure the foot, and sits atop a sole that puts a spin on Mizuno Wave tech. Those familiar with the Wave Rider series will recognise the undulating support that cuts through the sole, except here it looks to be interwoven, and all foam is removed.

'Right Here, Right Now' is written on heat-bonded overlays which, oddly enough, is cited as a Fatboy Slim quote and is where the shoe gets its name. These are wild in all types of ways, but if you'd like to tame them you can grab them at Browns now.

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