ARTICLE BY Boon Mark Souphanh
361 Degree Gundam Zaku Side
361 Degrees Gundam Sneakers Side1
361 Degrees Gundam Sneakers Side2

Mecha Madness: 361° Deliver More Gundam Sneakers
Release: 24 June 2019

Style Code: N/A

Colourway: RX-78-2

Chinese footwear label 361° recently unveiled an armoury of Mobile Suit Gundam-themed sneakers, and now they’ve reloaded with some new styles.

Fans of the iconic manga will notice the sneakers’ resemblance to Amuro Ray’s RX-78-2 and the MS-06S mecha robots from the series.

The latter sports the most unique look of the bunch, sporting a technical slip-on design and ankle strap. The other options stick with the previously seen basketball aesthetic, decorated with bright accents and nerdilicious Gundam motifs.

Priced from $60 to $70, the Gundam collaboration is available from the 361° website right now.


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