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Match Your Champion Tracksuit with These Zone 93s

Champion Zone 93 Luxury 6Champion Zone 93 Luxury 6
Champion Zone 93 Luxury 5
Champion Zone 93 Luxury 4
Champion Zone 93 Luxury 2
Champion Zone 93 Luxury 1

Everyone has something from in their wardrobe — if not literally branded with their sporty ‘C’, then at least informed by one of their innovations. How can we be so sure? Because Champion is the brand credited with inventing the modern-day hoodie, and if you don’t have a hoodie in your wardrobe then you’re doing this whole streetwear thing wrong. (The late sartorial luminary Gary Warnett breaks it all down here for the non-believers.)

Either way, show some love to the originators — or match your Champion tracksuit — with these Zone 93s. The high-tops come in neutral colours, a big fat ‘C’ on their side and the brand’s famous tricolour on nylon at the heel.

You can get yours now from Hanon.

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