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Mastermind Japan X Reebok New Colab

The certifiable sneaker dons at Mastermind Japan always produce pitch perfect colabs. Here, they’ve teamed up with Reebok and hit all the right notes again.

At a time when the go-to for a colab colourways seems to be either ‘Triple Black’ or black with white accents, it’s commendable that Mastermind have, well, mastered the two-shade-combo in a manner recognisable as their own. The InstaPump Fury Road and a Pump Omni Lite that this colab yields have black upper, white midsoles and just the right amount of Mastermind branding peppered across their premium leathers and suedes. You can bet people will be watching these closely.


The Mastermind Japan x Reebok pack will be available from Mastermind on August 31, and then from Reebok retailers globally soon after.

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