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Maison Margiela's Fusion Sneaker, EUGH!

Just when you thought designer sneakers couldn’t get any more nonsensical, Maison Margiela come through with this… thing.

At first glance, words aren’t fit to describe the new Fusion Sneaker, with onlookers reverting to guttural expressions such as ‘eugh’ or ‘arhhg’. But upon closer inspection it might be compared to a piece of evidence found at the scene of some sort of assault in a crack den.

As disgusting as they look, it’s not necessarily a bad thing, is it? For example, consider the amount of effort that went into designing the Fusion Sneaker and setting up a production facility to make it. But then that begs the question, all that hard work for something that looks like a literal piece of garbage. Perhaps the nuances of fashion are lost on we sneaker simpletons, but we just don’t want to wear shoes that look like something a deranged serial killer would send to taunt his next victim.

But if you do like them and you have a spare €1125 to blow, then you can buy the Maison Margiela Fusion Sneaker now at select stockists, including online from Anrosa.

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