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Looney Tunes X Converse Rivals Collection

Converse Looney Tunes Rivalry Collection 2Converse Looney Tunes Rivalry Collection 2
Converse Looney Tunes Rivalry Collection 3
Converse Looney Tunes Rivalry Collection 1

When it comes to iconic pairings,  Looney Tunes' beloved Sylvester and Tweety are right up there. They didn't get along so well, but perhaps it was the tension that solidified the relationship. Or are we analysing Looney Tunes a little too intensely? Either way, in recognition of some of Warner Brothers' most memorable adversaries, and Looney Tunes have produced the Rivalry Collection. The pack contains three different designs, each sporting our favourite charismatic characters in bold printed motifs.

The Looney Tunes x Converse Rivals Collection is available right now from Journeys or Converse.

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