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Lonzo Scraps ZO2 Prime And Releases New Signature Shoe

While most members of this year's NBA rookie class are busy prepping for their rapidly approaching pre-season games, Lonzo Ball's focus lies somewhere else entirely. The Big Baller Brand's 19-year-old poster boy has been making headlines all summer, in no small part due to the release of his $495 first signature shoe: the ZO2 Prime. Yet, despite of all the publicity the Ball family have thrown behind the shoe, Slam Magazine have just reported that the ZO2 model we've come to know and love and/or loathe has been scrapped.

Lonzo Ball has announced he's now 'remixing' the OG ZO2, creating a 'ZO2 Prime' that looks completely different from the original. The BOOST-like Microfiber python texture that adorned the OG's sole has been ditched, and now we're getting a shoe that claims to have the 'newest revolutionary foam' with 40 per cent more rebound than standard EVA.' According to Lonzo, this new ZO2 is 'the lightest basketball shoe ever made.'

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In hindsight, we really ought to have seen the writing on the wall back in the Vegas Summer League when Lonzo ditched the Z02 after two games and played in other brands' models. However, it'd be difficult for even the best clairvoyant to predict the Ball family's movements.

Unless the Balls are bitten by the design bug again, we can expect the updated ZO2 Prime to debut in the Lakers' first pre-season game on October 1. Customers who purchased the original ZO2 offering will now be sent this remixed version, or they can request a refund if they're not feeling this new design.

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