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Limiteditions X Gola (Footballing Greats Pack)

If the dudes at LimitEDitions chose to rap rather than curate fine sneakers, Barcelona would be more hyped than 'The 6'. The store is notorious for big upping their city – they lay down props to their hometown whenever possible – so we're betting the inspiration for this Gola colab took all of dos minutos to decide on. The Gola Harrier pack they've conjured up isn't strictly confined to Barcelona, however, it also shouts out Manchester and its parallel to Barcelona as a city with a great football history. Comprised of three Harriers, the pack takes quality seriously. The 'Bat Rat' Barcelona edition features soft tan leather, the LimitEDitions' fleur de lis emblem which is laser etched into the lace keeper and a 3M gold underlay on the Gola wingflash detail. The 'Lion Horse' Manchester edition has black leather representing the Manchester skyline, the Manchester emblem as a print emboss on the heel and metallic brass lace tips. Finally, the 'Harris' friends and family edition has British tweed and bears the coat of arms of both Manchester and Barcelona. Only 110 pairs of the shoe have been made as celebration of Gola's 110th birthday, and they'll be available from December 29 from LimitEDitions.

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