Li Ning Sunchaser Arzq003 Lateral
Li Ning Sunchaser Arzq003 Medial
Li Ning Sunchaser Arzq003 Rear
Li Ning Sunchaser Arzq003 Front
Li Ning Sunchaser Arzq003 Top

Li-Ning Fly High in the Sun Chaser
Release: 21 February 2020

Style Code: N/A

Colourway: Burgundy/Blue/Orange

China’s Li-Ning have been actively making a name for themselves since their 1990 founding. In recent years, their products have crept into the fashion market, and the athletic-looking Sun Chaser is one of their most premium offerings yet.

Despite resembling a running shoe, the intended usage is definitely purely casual. Design elements like stacked foam midsoles and meshy uppers deceptively suggest performance – if anything, they excel in looking good. Li-Ning’s ‘Anything is Possible’ motto is repeated across the length of the shoelaces like a rousing chant.

Try them out at retailers like 18montrose for a cool $250.

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