Wardrobe Nyc Adidas Yung 1 1
Wardrobe Nyc Adidas Yung 1 1
Wardrobe Nyc Adidas Yung 1 1

Leaked Info For First Yung-1 Colab

The first adidas Yung-1 collaboration might not be what you're expecting. Yeezy Mafia are reporting that the retailer to show the Yungster the ropes will be Wardrobe NYC, a store more aligned with tailored couture than teenage hypebeasts. Still, they’ve worked with Virgil Abloh, so maybe it’ll be fine.

The image shared by Yeezy Mafia shows one of the first Yung-1 colourways seen (and one too plain to constitute a colab), so it’s unclear whether the sneaker pictured is the final product or merely a placeholder.

The Mafia allege that the sneaker will hit stores in June, so we’ll have to wait a little while to find out. In the meantime, check out another recent Yung-1 leak, and read about adidas’ CEO announcing store closures.

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