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Lasco Veg Octobers

Lasco Veg Octobers

Look familiar? It's been a little while since we last checked in on the master craftsmen over at Los Angeles Shoe Company (LASCO) but, hot damn, have they been up to something! The zealous purveyors of artisanal American-made footwear seem to have followed Hender Scheme's lead and fabricated a shoe that treads that fine line between copyright infringement and pure hand-crafted brilliance. Dubbed the 'Veg Octobers', the design is a (not too subtle) recreation of Nike's Air Yeezy 2 in top-quality vegetable leather. All the distinguishing features of the distinctive silhouette (minus branding) have been reconstructed with stunning attention to detail, right down to the spinal backstays. Each pair has been lovingly crafted by hand, with 30 hours of work going into each and every pair! (Be sure to peep through LASCO's Instagram to witness the full construction from start to finish)  With the collaboration between Ye and Nike long since soured, this is about the only way you'll be getting your hands on a fresh pair of Yeezy 2s. The price tag isn't cheap, coming in at USD $1299, but, hey, at least that's a whole lot less than you'll be spending on a pair of Yeezy 2s on the resale market. Just 88 pairs of Veg Octobers have been made and they are available right now, exclusively through LASCO's online store. Get on it!

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