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Lacoste Missouri Aphotic Twist 1
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Lacoste Broadwick Blk 2 1
Lacoste Broadwick Blk 3 1
Lacoste Broadwick Blk 4 1
Lacoste Missouri Blk 1 1
Lacoste Berrick Blk 3 1
Lacoste Berrick Blk 4 1
Lacoste Broadwick Blk 1 1
Lacoste Berrick Blk 1 1
Lacoste Berrick Blk 2 1

Lacoste Aphotic Twist

Aphotic Twist pursues dark, obsidian palettes that embrace unique textures, manipulating light and aspect on these new Lacoste joints. An exploration of fabrics that sits within a jet black spectrum demands the use of premium leathers, contrasting patterns and intricate detailing that further expands on the tactile essence of the theme. With a focus on contemporary, urban silhouettes and premium detailing, the pack brings an unadulterated luxury to street style. The use of brushed brass eyelets, gold stitching and premium supple leathers embodies the concept of aphasic experimentation conversing with cutting edge design. Stay tuned for release info and pick up a copy of Sneaker Freaker Issue 27 to see our French picnic shots nice and big.

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