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Lacoste 1951 Collection

Lacoste 1951
Lacoste 1951 Sneaker Thumb
1951 Half Court
Lacoste 1951 White
Lacoste 1951 Family
Lacoste 1951 Tennis
Lacoste 1951 Sneaker

The name is synonymous with bright coloured polo shirts and tracksuits, however up until 1951 the purveyors of French tennis style used only one colour, 'lively white' AKA the colour of tennis. Today the brand rewinds it back to 1951 to celebrate their pristine heritage by preparing four of their classic court silhouettes in an all-white capsule collection. It's a two-on-two affair with the Ardeur, Dot, Half Court and Broadwick all taking to the centre stage in the purist of whites from head to toe. The Lacoste 1951 Collection will be available from select retailers soon, stay tuned for release details.

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