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Profile Shot 1500 Nb Colette 1
Nb Colette 1500 Blue Yellow Front 1
Laces Nb Undftd 1500 Blue Yellow 1
New Balance 1500 Encap Midsole 1
Dubre Undftd Nb 1500 1
,Dubre Undftd Nb 1500 2 1
Camo Insole Nb Colette 1500 1
Quarter 1500 Nb Colette Yellow Blue Camo 1

La Mjc X Colette X Undftd New Balance 1500 (Ucla)

La MJC fire up with a feisty four way colab. Teaming up with colette and UNDFTD, the New Balance 1500 gets a sunflower and pale blue spray, with a leopard print lining similar to their Supra Owen colab of last year. Loud and proud, these will be out in the coming months – stay tuned for Sneaker Freaker Issue 25 for more pics.

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