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Kyrie's New PE is Inspired by One of the All-Time Greatest SB Dunks

Cavs fans cover your ears: Kyrie Irving's been demonstrating some serious loyalty lately. Over the past few months, the point guard's used his Nike Kyrie 3 to pay homage to those who've inspired him as he's climbed to Boston Brilliance. We've seen 3s that honour Kobe Bryant, Japanese Samurais, and the women in Irving's life. Sorry LeBron, looks like you didn't make the cut.

Kyrie continues to use his signature shoe to give his fans an insight into the things that inspire him. This time around, though, the inspiration behind the shoe isn't overly deep – Kyrie just wanted to pay tribute to one of his all-time favourite SB Dunks. In his recent blow-out game against the Kings, Irving played in a 'Rayguns' Kyrie 3 PE.

Nike's 2005 SB Dunk Low 'Rayguns' is regularly held up as one of the best ever SB Dunks. Back in 2002, the Swoosh created a fictional, New Mexico-based super-team named the 'Roswell Rayguns' as part of an ad campaign staring long-time Kings veteran Vince Carter. The Rayguns soon gained a dedicated fanbase who lapped up the 'Rayguns' SB when it released three years later.

The Rayguns' franchise hues and basketball-headed alien mascot have been carried over seamlessly into the Kyrie 3, with the shoes sharing near-identical colour-blocking and white soles. No doubt those who've been hankering for a Rayguns SB Dunk retro will also be pleading for this PE to make its way to retail.

Some may interpret Kyrie's choice to debut his 'Rayguns' PE in a game against the Kings as the ultimate act of disrespect. After all, the 40-year-old Vince Carter's still playing for Sacramento, and Kyrie dominated him on-court last night. We're prepared to give Kyrie the benefit of the doubt here, though: like many others, he might just want to bring the Roswell Rayguns out of retirement. If you've been bitten by Kyrie's nostalgia bug, check out the original 2002 Rayguns campaign ad below.,

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