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Nike Kyrie 2 Krispy Kreme
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Krispy Kreme X Nike Kyrie 2

Nike have committed one of their most loved new gen basketball silhouettes to a collaboration. That's V.rare right there! It's an esoteric concept too – the colour palette of America's favourite doughnut supplier, Krispy Kreme, has been glazed over the Nike Kyrie 2. That makes for a striking sneaker with white, green and red all over, packaged in a very special see-through doughnut box. It's a dope gimmick and it gets even better; the shoe will be available from a doughnut van emblazoned with an embellished KK logo – 'Ky-rispy Kreme'. Hats off and hands together for the creativity on this one.

The super sweet Kyrie 2 'Krispy Kreme' will drop in limited quantities from the KK truck window when it stops into Cleveland, Baltimore, Harlem and Brooklyn. Follow the odyssey on Nike's Twitter.

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