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81 Bastards X Kicks Lab X PUMA Suede (Jpn Suede)

Puma Suede Jpn Suede 1Puma Suede Jpn Suede 1
Puma Suede Jpn Suede 7
Puma Suede Jpn Suede 6
Puma Suede Jpn Suede 5
Puma Suede Jpn Suede 4
Puma Suede Jpn Suede 3
Puma Suede Jpn Suede 2

longstanding model has been given a touch of Japanese flair in this newest colab from the German brand. The Big Cat has linked up with two Japan-based style influencers – premium Harajuku sneaker boutique Kicks Lab the 81 Bastards art collective – to create the ‘JPN Suede’ inspired by the ideals of Zen and Iki (a Japanese aesthetics concept). Made from the finest materials sourced from Japan, the Formstripe and insole have been decorated with a modern take on traditional Japanese art styles, while the rest of the shoe is dressed in the classic black suede/gum sole combo.

The Kicks Lab x 81 Bastards x PUMA Suede JPN Suede is available on February 11 from Kicks Lab.


PUMA Legacy Collection (Part 2)

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