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Kasina X PUMA Disc Lux Pack

Seoul-based sneaker purveyors Kasina throw their hats back in the colab ring here, having a shot at the immortal Puma Disc Closure System. They've stepped up the material quality, spawning a new model dubbed the Puma Disc Lux. We've had lengthy discussions in the office in the past about what the difference is between a Disc Cage, a Disc Blaze and a straight-up Disc, so if Puma themselves are calling this a Disc Lux, that's gotta be good enough for us. Moving on, this pack includes the Disc Lux C, which employs a pristine white quilted soft leather upper caged in caramel and chocolates hues, and the The Disc Lux G, which combines fine leather and suede material with a familiar ruby and dark green colorway. Nice work, Kasina! The PUMA Disc Lux pack will be sold exclusively at Kasina Stores on 20th September followed by a global release at selected Puma Stores and stockists starting 4th October.

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