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ARTICLE BY Cesca Benson
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Karhu Celebrate Winter With the 'Monthless Pack'
Release: 15 February 2019

Style Code: N/A

Colourway: Moonlight Blue/Pale Olive Green

Finnish brand Karhu are paying homage to hardy European winters, coming out of hibernation to release the four-strong ‘Monthless Pack’. The release harks back to the Roman calendar and the freezing winter period, considered ‘monthless’ before February was added to the annual cycle.

Doing what they do best, the Finnish Bear use their signature panelling and colour-blocking to full advantage. Wintery tones of blue hit the two Fusion 2.0s, the first of which keeps things cool with grey, while the other brings in beige for a warmer take. Sleek Synchrons and Arias see salmon, sea foam and turquoise accents amp up the colour even further.

Good news for Australian and New Zealand Karhu fans, the Bear has taken leave of the cold up north and migrated south of the equator. Karhu is now available at these stores...

1st Product
Above the Clouds
Concrete Jungle
Indigo & Provisions (New Zealand)

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