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Karhu Aria Polar Nights Pack
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Karhu Aria (Polar Night Pack)

With the seasons rapidly changing, our Finnish buddies over at Karhu are fast preparing for the polar winter. Way up north, winter doesn't just mean sub-zero temperatures (and the perfect excuse to bust out some fresh sneakerboot heat!), it also means the polar nights are looming – a time when sunlight disappears and the days and nights become one. While those of us down south are lounging on the beach, hogging up all the summer sun, our sneakerheads to the north are left with shades of grey and fiery red glimpses of sunlight peeking through from across the horizon. Drawing inspiration from these polar tones, Karhu brings us the ,Aria 'Polar Night' Pack. Decked out in soft-to-the-touch premium pig suede and hit with 3M accents, this mono-socked twin-pack turns this depressing time of year into something of pure beauty. Available November 11th at Karhu stockists worldwide. Photo credit: Runnerwally.

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