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Kanye West Spotted Wearing Whack AF Shoes

Kanye West Yeezy Scuba ShoesKanye West Yeezy Scuba Shoes

It’s 2019, and continues to radically interrupt the status-quo. Coming off a flurry of colourways and a feverish Coachella performance, Mr West was spotted stunting a truly bizarre pair of shoes in Calabasas.

On the way to his weekly Sunday Service, Kanye obviously thought he was wearing a drip so deep he had to wear scuba shoes. Of course, not unaccustomed to ferocious fits, this could be one of his most head-turning looks in recent memory.

Would you wear these?

Here at SF HQ we’re a little more inclined to agree with 50 Cent’s recent observation: ‘I’m definitely not wearing that shit.'

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