KANGHYUK x Reebok Classic Leather Red
KANGHYUK x Reebok Classic Leather Red
KANGHYUK x Reebok Classic Leather Red
KANGHYUK x Reebok Classic Leather Red,

KANGHYUK’s Red Upcycled Airbag Reebok Classic Leather is Limited to 25 Pairs
Release: 6 August 2021

Korean high-fashion collective KANGHYUK have been partnering with Reebok for a while now, often producing conceptual remakes of Vector classics through an upcycled lens. For example, the uppers of these red Classic Leathers (which were previewed in March this year) are actually completely made from upcycled car airbags… meaning maybe these should actually be called the KANGHYUK x Reebok Classic Airbag. However, that doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue as well as Classic Leather, so let’s stick with that.

What’s most impressive about these ‘Boks is the fact that each pair has been handmade from the aforementioned airbags, which have been cut by lasers into the exact panels of the Classic Leather upper, which sits atop a tonal red midsole and outsole. The over-stitched finish of these panels add quite a lot of depth to the design, with even more texture coming from the mixture of garment-dyed fabric left over from KANGHYUK’s ready-to-wear collection. As such, the limited amount of raw material available means only 25 pairs of this collaboration have been made.

Like most of KANGHYUK’s collaborations, they’ll be hard to get. All 25 pairs of this Reebok Classic Leather will only be available at Dover Street Market London from August 6.

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