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K-Swiss Just Released a Sneaker for eSports!?
Release: 19 July 2019

Style Code: N/A

Colourway: MIBR Black

Playing video games competitively, officially known as eSports, requires specialised equipment to prevent occupational injuries that may occur from prolonged (in)activity. Ergonomic chairs, desks, hardware and peripherals have been developed specially for online gaming. But now, thanks to K-Swiss, it looks like eSports athletes will also have purpose-built sneakers!

Known as the One-Tap, this gaming sneaker has been designed to achieve the holy pairing of form and function. A breathable mesh upper with copious venting stops the foot from overheating. This is paired with an underfoot vent in the midsole to achieve all-round aeration. For the colder months, a fluffy lined insole minimises the onset of frostbite from reduced blood flow.

That said, the most practical function is the collapsible neoprene heel counter. This turns a stylish sports sneaker into a malleable mule quicker than the wearer can input the Konami Code.

Get onto the K-Swiss website now before they’re all gone. You may not ever want to take them off if you’re quick enough to get a pair…

Header Photo by Alex Haney on Unsplash.

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