Justin Timberlake Toronto 1
Justin Timberlake Toronto 1
Justin Timberlake Toronto 1

Justin Timberlake's Jordan 3 is for the Fans

It looks like Justin Timberlake skipped celebrity reality TV and just went straight down to carting stock at the local Jordan store in his fall from the top. Or so it would seem. In fact, the N*SYNC heartthrob turned solo superstar was in attendance at Toronto’s Jumpman palace to help promote his super-rare JTH 3 colab.

Timberlake is in Toronto for the first leg of his very literally named Man of the Woods tour, and apparently decided to thank the city for a great show by selling a few shoes.

But let’s be honest, if there’s no resale opportunity in attending a pop-music concert then the 23 eager folk who made it to the front of the line were not the ones yelling and screaming at the Air Canada Centre on Tuesday. Now that the standard has been set, keep an eye out when the Woodsman’s tour touches down in your town, pay for a ticket, hoot and holler as he prances about on stage and he might just be thankful enough to let you line up for a few days on the street in order to spend a couple of hundred dollars on some Jordans. And those are the Jordans that are reported to be worth $2.86 billion for Nike. Cool, thanks Justin.

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