2014 Playoff Pack Dp
2014 Playoff Pack Superfly Tongue
2014 Playoff Pack Superfly Perspective
2014 Playoff Pack Melom10 Tongue
2014 Playoff Pack Melom10 Perspective
2014 Playoff Pack Feature
2014 Playoff Pack Cp3 Tongue
2014 Playoff Pack Cp3 Perspective
2014 Playoff Pack 28 Se Tongue
2014 Playoff Pack 28 Se Perspective

Jordan Brand 2014 Playoff Pack

Jordan Brand's Clippers stars Blake Griffin and Chris Paul are chilling back sipping ginseng and juice and having their muscles massaged as they prepare for the Playoffs, while Carmelo Anthony is sweating so much he'll need a year's supply of head sweat bands to get him through the nail biting end of the Knicks' season. Jordan Brand have got all of them covered for Playoff possibilities though, dropping a new pack featuring Griffin's Superfly.2, Paul's CP3 and Anthony's Melo M10, plus an Air Jordan XX8 for good measure, which Russell Westbrook might line up in. The colourways are apparently team-inspired but the connection is tenuous – we get the blue and red for the Clippers' players, but yellow and black for the Knicks? C'mon now. All sneaks feature blacked-out uppers with reflective material adding some serious shine and blind on the court, so other ballers best keep their eyes shielded and just let these guys do their work. The playoff pack debuts at select retail stores globally and at on April 9. Pics via Nike, Inc.

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