Nike John Elliott Air Monarch 1
Nike John Elliott Air Monarch 1
Nike John Elliott Air Monarch 1

John Elliott's Monarch is What Cool Dads Wear

Fee-fi-fo-fum, giant sneakers this way come! The Nike Air Monarch is about as subtle as your old man arriving to pick you up from a high school party 15 minutes earlier than he said he would – luckily, the consequences are far less problematic. Now that awkwardly bulky, dad-style sneakers have found their place in the parlance of fashionable youth, the Monarch is seen more like the dad who buys you and all of your mates beer so you don’t have to stand around asking strangers – he knows what’s really going on, even if he does still tuck his t-shirt into his jeans.

Long-time Nike collaborator John Elliott has been given the go ahead to tinker with a new Monarch style, and it appeared on-foot at his New York Fashion Week runway show. It’s been designed with much more colour than the original versions, which were created specifically for middle-aged men, catering instead towards the kids and their newfangled Instagram trends. Of course, the trouble is that the heavyset sneaker originally became trendy thanks to the confusing notion of ironic fashion, so does redesigning it for fashion make it invalid? It’s best not to overthink it.

There isn’t any release info available for the John Elliott x Nike Air Monarch – don’t wait up, we’ll let you know.

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