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An Exclusive NMD to the Power of Three

The crew from JD Sports have pulled some heavy numerology on us with their latest exclusive adidas release. The number three represents strength in every sense, possessing deep symbolic power that impossible to ignore. Structurally, the triangle is the strongest shape; stylistically, the Three Stripes are killing it right now; and stereotypically, every good joke has three characters. The perfect parabolic triad, if you will.

The latest JD exclusive is a trio of fresh-cut NMDs, beautiful in their simplicity and with an emphasis on comfort. Whether you take a plunge into darkness, revel in a resplendent rouge or favour a calming cool grey, you’re sure to find joy in the future thanks to the power of numbers and the pleasure of the NMD.

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This adidas NMD_R1 trifecta is available now at your nearest Aussie JD Sports store, hit them up now or you’ll be on your own.

Pics by @lyam.exchng

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