Jbf Customs Air Force 1 Fuck
Jbf Customs Air Force 1 Fuck 1

Jbf Customs Air Force 1 Mid (Supreme)

Customiser JBF continues to show his progression as a sneak artist, prepping a special Air Force 1 for serial sneaker fiend John Geiger. Surely under Geiger's strict directive, JBF cuts up a profanity-filled Supreme jacket and layers it over the classic ball silhouette, slipping in a croc skin Swoosh for that JBF signature touch. It looks a bit shabby, but that's the point, the denim is backed by scraps so it can fray and still stand up for a while. Two pairs were made, Wiz Khalifa has the other on tour, so look out for it on-stage. See JBF's other wares here.

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