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Converse fear of god essentials skidgrip
Converse fear of god essentials skidgrip
Converse fear of god essentials skidgrip
Converse fear of god essentials skidgrip

It's Back: Fear of God ESSENTIALS Revive the Converse Skidgrip
Release: 27 August 2020

Style Code: N/A

Colourway: Fear of God ESSENTIALS

The classic Converse Skidgrip returns, with a little help from Fear of God founder Jerry Lorenzo, coming through with contemporary touch-ups and eye-catching new colourway.

Debuting in 1910 as the Circular Vamp Oxford (CVO), the Skidgrip is famed for its SoCal-style and popularity among the BMX, skate and surf scenes of the past.

‘I found the Skidgrip in the mall and it became my favorite shoe from that summer,’ says Lorenzo regarding his discovery shoe in late 80s.

‘In South Florida and California kids surf and skate; those cultures naturally blended. Even though I wasn't a skater or a surfer, mixing in pieces from those cultures allowed me to move through different segments of friends.’

Converse fear of god essentials skidgrip

Through his ESSENTIALS label, Lorenzo looks to add to the Skidgrip's nonchalant legacy. The familiar look has been tweaked with a sleek, 30-degree slope along the midsole from heel to toe. Additionally, a psychedelic 80s-inspired colourway adds to the nostalgia.

‘The sole is the biggest takeaway when you look at the sneaker,’ says Lorenzo.

‘It feels very much like our main line, the Fear of God 101, and gives it the same feeling looking down as looking down at the Skidgrip in the late 80s.’

The Converse x Fear of God ESSENTIALS Skidgrip releases August 27, with additional inline versions set to debut in September.

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