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Is Virgil Falling Off?

Off-White have taken it upon themselves to prove that it doesn’t really matter what a shoe looks like; if bearing the right branding, it will sell – even at a ridiculously inflated price. The Off-White Arrow Trainer instantly reminds the astute of the Hi-Tec Silver Shadow RGS that released earlier in the year; each features a Vibram sole unit and similarly 80s-esque suede upper. Yes, the very same shoe whose aesthetic failed to resonate with fickle brand buyers and found itself relegate to sales racks around the world.

But the average punter on the street with limited/no knowledge of obscure sneaker releases is just going to assume anyone rocking these is trying to tone their buns with a pair of Skechers Shape Ups. Nevertheless, Virgil’s on a run this year, so we don’t doubt that there will be plenty of swagged-out hypebeasts pushing pert posteriors in a couple of months thanks to the Off-White Shape Ups – sorry, Off-White Arrow Trainer.

You can drain your parents’ credit card on a new pair of Off-White Arrow Trainers now at select stockists, including Seven Liverpool.

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