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Is Sean Wotherspoon Working on a New Nike Colab?

Sean Wotherspoon was recently in London running a ‘Guess Farmers Market’ in Selfridges. He documented the trip on his IG story, including a visit to NikeLab 1948 where, by the looks of things, he’s whipping up a new sneaker.

He shows an Air Force 1 and Air Max 1 used as base samples when designing. Each of their panels and features are labelled to speed up a process which Wotherspoon has already got in the thick of.

Wotherspoon could very well be working on a couple of shoes for himself as one-offs. However, with the success of his last Nike colab and the Swoosh’s penchant for elaborating on successful partnerships ad infinitum, maybe this is a sign of a new release?

If that’s the case, we won’t know for months to come. But as soon as the first leakers catch the scent, we’ll fill you in.

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