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Is ‘Fit God’ Jonah Hill Teasing a New adidas Colab?

Jonah Hill and adidas are cooking something up. To the uninitiated, the Superbad star isn’t an obvious choice for a collaborator, but the new Hill is all glowed-up.

A spree of fire ‘fits born of his own tastes rather than a celebrity stylist’s have made him a fashion media darling, and he’s even developed a cult-following of. Failing Upwards, a fashion-but-not-fashion podcast, host an annual ‘Jonah Hill Day’ (which Jonah himself has attended) and champion Hill as a relatable self-improvement icon by soaking timelines with a deluge of memes and ‘Jonah Hill ‘Fit Watch’ pics.

Recap aside, what's he scheming with adidas? The Mid90s director recently attended HYPEFEST to help them unveil a new line of ZX models, and posted an IG laced in un-released sneaker captioned, ‘Something fun coming from me and adidas?’

The shoe looks more like a brazenly branded Yeezy 700 v2 flip than anything from the ZX series, which has us wondering: could adidas and Jonah Hill be working on a colab? A Hill x adidas collaboration is probably a pipe dream, but if anyone could pull off a transition this unlikely, it’s Jonah.

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