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Introducing The New Balance Fresh Foam Zante Sweatshirt

Ml1980 Ab Pair1 MediumMl1980 Ab Pair1 Medium
Omni Zante Navy 01
Ml1980 Ab Laydown03 Medium
Ml1980 An Pair2 Medium
Ml1980 An Pair1 Medium
Ml1980 An Laydown05 Medium
Ml1980 Ag Pair2 Medium
Ml1980 Ag Pair1 Medium
Ml1980 Ab Pair2 Medium
Ml1980 Ab Laydown04 Medium

is famed for harbouring a treasure chest of golden retro runners that have found a second life as classy casual options over the last decade, but sharp sneakerheads have been keeping tabs on their modern innovations too. The Boston brand's Fresh Foam series is some of their most inspired recent work, and typically pairs a spongy but amply supportive sole with lightweight, easy-breathing uppers. Supreme comfort in every stride is the priority when designing elite running shoes, but New Balance has recognised this attribute is pretty damn handy for people who just want to strut the streets as well. The New Balance Fresh Foam Zante Sweatshirt caters to these types; those yearning for a lifestyle shoe that is clean-cut and stylish but wears and lasts like a shoe that is designed to endure a lot more punishment.

We're giving you the good look at the first colourway drop of the Zante Sweatshirt, which sees burgundy, navy and platinum tones paired with light grey front-ends constructed out of a soft and smooth sweatshirt material. Reflective overlays and 'N' logos, veg tan leather accents and gum soles are welcome embellishments on a design that doesn't try too hard, but still has enough niceties to grab attention. The Sweatshirt material ensures your foot will slide into the sneak nice and snug too, like your arms into the sleeves of your favourite skivvy. Available now from New Balance AU here.

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