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First Look At The Supra Bleeker

Credit where it's due, Supra haven't been afraid to innovate with new designs, and here we see another arrive. The Supra Bleeker definitely demands your attention, with a fat, shin-creeping Yeezy 1-esque collar – it's surely going to be a divisive, love or hate design. It hasn't been marketed as a skate performance shoe, so it's probably lining up as more of a fashion option, and there's a definite vague vibe of retro basketball in the shape, panelling and midsole design. Materials-wise, we're talking premium suede and leather, fat padded tongue, perforations for those easy breathing feels, a velcro strap to keep it tight, all bedded down on a SUPRAFOAM midsole. Comfy. The Bleeker debuts this month in three colourways, peep 'em above and hit up Supra's webby for more info.

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