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Introducing Nike's Air VaporMax Light²

Nike’s latest concoction is the result of an ongoing fascination with genetic splicing.

They’ve been recoding Air Max DNA for years, starting way back in 1992 with the Air Max 1/90 (later known at the 90/1). Usually the parent models are obvious, but this Air VaporMax Light² may confuse some people — especially since the ‘squared’ symbol seems to have jumped a word.

The aggressive leather overlays come from 1994’s Air Max² Light, a cult-favourite Air Max legend that’s so rare many sneakerheads mightn’t even recognise it.

Sadly, angular overlays are the only things this VaporMax boot takes from the 90s. Everything else about the creation looks borrowed from sci-fi movies: knitted uppers guarding the shin, gleaming mudguards hug the midsole and a VaporMax Air unit is either cut at the heel or bolstered under the toe.

It’s definitely a weird beast, but that only makes us more curious to get it on foot. We’ll let you know when Nike sets it free.


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