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Introducing The First Nike SB Designed For Women

Many skate shoes styles have long been regarded as unisex (you’re not going to see any skaters complaining that their Dunks aren’t girly enough) but sizing has always been an issue. Speaking to Nike, pro skater Lacey Baker says she always took a DIY approach to making her sneakers fit better. ‘I would put frozen plastic bags inside my shoes or spray them with water to stretch them out and make them feel like they were better moulded to my feet.’

Ever conscious of their athletes' comfort, Nike have offered a panacea to padding woes by releasing their first ever SB designed for women. The sneaker is a Bruin High built with a more feminine fit. The forefoot has been shallowed, the uppers sculpted, and the weight stripped to provide a more comfortable ride and let you shred for longer, and modify less.

Nike Sb Womens 6

The women’s Nike SB Bruin High will be available on October 5 from select Nike accounts.

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