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In Vino Veritas: Are These Red Wine LeBron 15s Legit?

Love them or loathe them, sneaker leakers spill the info before big brands get a chance to officially pop the cork and celebrate new releases. Sometimes though, the grainy images snapped by these undercover industry ops leave us scratching our heads.

Leaker ,US11 has just put out some images of a Nike LeBron 15, but we at Sneaker Freaker HQ are divided over whether this is in fact a fresh colourway. The model bears a near-identical resemblance to the Cavs-themed LeBron we spotted back in October. However, these low-res shots reveal a woven upper that appears to feature deep red hues more prominently than the previous Cavs make-up.

Has US11 got his hands on some Cleveland 15s and snapped them under lights that make the maroon pop?  Or is this a new shoe entirely?

The deep burgundy upper seen in the leaked pics lends weight to the idea that we're seeing a new make-up: we've been anticipating for a while now that LeBron will drop a shoe that reflects his passion for wine.

James is not content with being the King of Cleveland and New York; it seems he's coming for the sommeliers' crown, too. It would make sense for the NBA star to make his foray into the wine world through his signature shoe.

For now, we'll sit back, have some of whatever LeBron's sipping, and see if the #VinoChronicles deliver us a new 15 colourway.

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