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How Does Pizza Hut's Pie Top II Order Pizza? YouTubers Have the Answer!

Pizza Hut Pie Top Ii 5Pizza Hut Pie Top Ii 5
Pizza Hut Pie Top Ii 3
Pizza Hut Pie Top Ii 1
Pizza Hut Pie Top Ii 2
Pizza Hut Pie Top Ii 4
Pizza Hut Pie Top Ii 6

Pizza Hut's  might just be the best sneaker of 2018 – and it's only March.

Seriously, a handcrafted sneaker that can order piping-hot pizza with the push of a button is a thing of genius! Sadly, only 50 pairs will be released. But what if we could figure out how the sneaker works... could we make our own?

The team at popular YouTube channel What's Inside? got their hands on a pair of the mouthwatering Pie Tops (for a hefty resale price!) and, true to their name, busted out a blade to examine the sneaker's inner workings. Check out the video below for a full breakdown.

A handful of pairs have been gifted to celebrities so far, but the public will have a chance to snaffle their own x Pizza Hut Pie Top II when they hit Hypebeast’s HBX store on March 19.

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