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Off The Hook X Dc Shoes Unilite Flex (Five Roses)

Canadian sneak kings Off The Hook come together with DC Shoes for the fourth time to create the 'Five Roses' Unilite Flex Trainer. Is the Five Roses being the fourth colab confusing you? Well, do some Sudokus and massage out some new brain pathways, 'cos not everything in life is so damn simple. The sneak takes its name from its inspiration, the Farine Five Roses building, a Montreal monolith that constantly lurks in the city's background. OTH says, 'The rugged rubber sole reminds us of the apparent immortality of the Five Roses building, and of the way its shape is seamlessly weaved into the city’s landscape.' Articulate fellas, they is. The building also shows up on the insole, making this a town pride shoe for any Montrealais. The limited edition sneak will drop on April 16 at Off The Hook.

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