Hoka One One Tennine Lateral
Hoka One One Tennine Front Angle
Hoka One One Tennine Medial
Hoka One One Tennine Rear Angle
Hoka One One Tennine Top
Hoka One One Tennine Sole

HOKA ONE ONE’s New TenNine Runner is Wild!

The HOKA ONE ONE TenNine is not a premature April Fool’s joke. It’s real. The running shoe specialists have debut the next phase of their radical athletic technology, in the form of that huge midsole.

The TenNine has been tuned for maximum speed downhill, so the enlarged heel crash pad makes a lot of sense. It’s all performance here, with lightweight mesh uppers, ergonomic shape, and trail-oriented outsole for off-road running. In fact, HOKA’s product page includes a disclaimer:

‘Using this product for anything other than running may impair balance and dexterity. So, don’t wear these on stairs or while driving.’

So, if stunting in these is on the cards, tread carefully. Available now directly from HOKA for $250.

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