Sb Dunk
Sb Dunk
Sb Dunk

Hiroshi Fujiwara Shows off Rare Jeff Staple SB Dunk

Jeff Staple's highly anticipated 'Pigeon' SB Dunk is set to land soon. Catch it if you can – it's going to be one very sought-after specimen!

If you were already feeling down in the dumps about your chances of copping this release, Hiroshi Fujiwara's IG post will only pull you further into that Dunk depression. The Japanese music and fashion icon was treated by Staples to a 1-of-1 edition of his upcoming Nike SB Dunk.

The shoe's pretty much the same as the retail release, but it features Fujiwara's brand fragment's lightning bolt logo on the side.

If there's anything to learn from Fujiwara's humble-brag, it's that it pays to have friends in high places. And, there are few people flying higher than the Pigeon Prince Jeff Staple. For the rest of us, we'll probably have to settle for watching this release race right past us.

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