Heron Preston x Zellerfeld HERON01 3D-Printed Sneaker
Heron Preston x Zellerfeld HERON01 3D-Printed Sneaker
Heron Preston x Zellerfeld HERON01 3D-Printed Sneaker
Heron Preston x Zellerfeld HERON01 3D-Printed Sneaker,

Heron Preston and Zellerfeld Create 'First Fully 3D-Printed Shoe Available to the Public'
Release: 8 December 2021

Over the last decade-plus, Heron Preston has evolved from Parsons graduate to Nike employee, #BEENTRILL# co-founder to leader of his own eponymous label, Nike collaborator, and more. Now, he's adding another feather to his cap: 3D-printed sneaker designer.

Preston has teamed up with Brooklyn-based 3D printing outfit Zellerfeld – who was recently in the news after making a 1-of-1 shoe for Elon Musk's child X Æ A-Xii – to create the HERON01, a style that the two parties have dubbed the 'first fully 3D-printed shoe available to the public'. Available in grey, black and Preston's signature orange, the HERON01 is essentially a woven clog with a heavily textured upper, held in a cradle-like overlay and branded with embossed 'HP' hits on its midsole. The silhouette, crafted with assistance from freelance footwear designer Mr. Bailey, draws its textures from the heron, a long-legged and long-necked freshwater and coastal bird that Preston shares a name with.

Though the look is unique, it's the manufacturing method that makes the HERON01 special. Made on Zellerfeld's 3D printing machines, the HERON01 has no seams, stitching or glue. Instead, it's held together by internal knitted structures for a seamless – literally and figuratively – experience. The HERON01 can also be made in custom sizes, printed off specs from an iPhone scan of a wearer's foot. And it's fully recyclable, as Zellerfeld has created a 'closed loop' method that sees leftover materials from old shoes providing the building blocks of new shoes.

You can expect the Heron Preston x Zellerfeld HERON01 to release via charity raffle on StockX on October 5. Each entry is $10, and winners will be granted access to Zellerfeld's beta program, which will enable them to trade their shoes in for one free recrafted pair after the initial pair is worn out.

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