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Here's Marvel and Vans' Entire Upcoming Collection

Just when you thought Marvel couldn’t possibly keep riding the wave of unbridled success, they're reuniting with Vans for another monster-sized collection. We got a glimpse of their Sk8 His and Old Skools last week, and now we’re getting a look at the full collection.

Three Authentics assemble Marvel’s heros, with all your favourites making an appearance, while the Old Skool brings together Captain America’s Shield, Thor’s helmet and Iron Man’s armour.

If your allegiance lies with a particular hero, you can show your colours; the Hulk and Spiderman get their own Slip-Ons, and Captain America and Deadpool their own Sk8-His.

Not stopping there, the Cali skate legends are releasing an entire apparel range alongside the adult's and kid's shoes, including hoodies, tees and accessories.

If you can't get enough Marvel, the entire collection is set to drop at select Vans stockists on June 8.

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