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Helen Kirkum Unveils Ready-To-Wear Sneaker: the Palimpsest


British designer and artist Helen Kirkum is recognised for her unique technical know-how when it comes to giving footwear a new lease on life. And her own imprint, HELEN KIRKUM, is globally known for its bespoke creations and sustainable deconstructions using deadstock and recycled materials.

They’re preparing to release their first ready-to-wear silhouette – the Palimpsest – with its design weaving together repurposed materials. With its initial unveiling at London Fashion Week, the Palimpsest takes inspiration from Kirkum’s signature split-sole design, featuring mismatched fore and rear soles. As per Kirkum’s site, they’ve noted that each pair of the sneakers will be unique due to the ‘nature of our collaged leather’ and that ‘the pattern of the leather components varies between each pair, making your pair uniquely your own.’

The uppers have been constructed from collaged, repurposed sneaker leather, with the lining built out from corn leather. Kirkum is also bringing full transparency behind the creation of the shoes. Materials have been sourced from Traid Warehouse, London and stitched at Love Welcomes, London. The soles have been crafted at Forever, Porto, Portugal and last but not least, the sneaker is assembled at Goral, Sheffield, England.

You can pre-order your pair at the Helen Kirkum webstore now!

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