Mizuno The Mizuno ENERZY
Mizuno The Mizuno ENERZY
Mizuno The Mizuno ENERZY

Have a Ballin’ Good Time in the New Mizuno ENERZY
Release: 6 February 2023

Style Code: 411235

Colourway: Black

Honestly, nobody was expecting Mizuno to come from left field with one of the kookiest concepts in a long time. This is The Mizuno ENERZY – yes, it’s called The Mizuno ENERZY. Let’s take a closer look into what it’s all about.

Knit uppers are more or less the industry standard for lightweight breathability and flexibility, but each footwear company is locked in an arms race to develop more comfortable cushioning tech. Mizuno go the maximalist route and encapsulate Mizuno Enerzy Core foam within a Mizuno Enerzy foam carrier. Bit of a mouthful, sure, but in essence, it sandwiches two foams with different rebound and softness properties to offer an optimised ride. Naturally, it’s hard to see past that bulbous sole that looks like an intestinal passage (especially in that red-pink colour), but the proof is in how they feel when on your feet. ,

Get them from Mizuno now – if you miss out, there’ll be new models rolling out over the next few weeks with this new Enerzy tech.

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