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Has Philipp Plein Given Money Kicks a Colab?

Rashed Belhasa, aka Money Kicks, has made a name for himself as the billionaire Youtube star who buys more stuff than you do.

You may know him from his social media exploits that saw him spend his pocket money on such ostentatious triggers as the LV x Supreme Ferrari. Now, the kid who’s good at buying things has been recognised by fashion designer Philipp Plein. Plein appears to have given the young buck his very own sneaker.

The simple all-white sneaker has been previewed in a short clip that shows the pair, plus entourage, hanging out in the Money Kicks menagerie. But it does lead us to wonder: is this all just a stunt to make us forget about the potential slap match between Behlasa and his archival Benjamin Kickz, aka Business is Boomin? That’s the Youtube clip we’re really all hanging out to see.

The Money Kicks x Philipp Plein sneaker doesn’t have any release info just yet, stay tuned.

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