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Gucci's Latest Chunky Number Opts For No Holds Barred

Last year, Gucci unveiled their heavily branded Rhyton sneaker. But during their Fall/Winter 2018 fashion show, the brand highlighted a new silhouette that trumps all else in terms of absurdity. We wrote about it a while back, but with new colourways revealed, we've got more to add.

The model is best described as a hectic mishmash of everything. Uppers blend mesh, leather and suede with hiking-style laces and an outsole to rival that of Buffalo London's tank-like stompers. The biggest takeaways  include a removable rhinestone strap that wraps the entire shoe, and SEGA-inspired Gucci branding on the tongue.

We're yet to learn of its official name or release date, but brace yourselves, these are about to be everywhere.

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