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Gucci Gets In On The Chunky Trend

For those who’ve been living under rocks, let us catch you up: chunky, 90s, stained and weathered sneaks are very much in. Oh and if the branding is almost bigger than the shoe, you’re crushing. One of the best examples to date? Gucci’s new made-in-Italy Apollo – leather, fat-soled and the colour of a white t-shirt’s armpits after a hot day's sightseeing in Sicily (not sure what that is in Pantone).

It's pretty clear – clunky, derelicte designs are dominating the sneakersphere. We’re seeing it on the battered-looking Balenciaga Triple S, this grubby Pump, and the chubby Yeezy Wave Runner 700. It’s everywhere. Best just give in and slip on a pair of arch-supporting, heavily cushioned, dad shoes (only if money is no object – the orthopaedic aesthetic doesn’t come cheap).

Barney's is currently taking pre-orders for the Gucci Apollo so sling your cash that way if you've caught the dad-shoe disease.

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