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Graphersrock X PUMA Disc Blaze

UPDATE: If you're still after these techno/punk Puma Disc Blaze concoctions from GraphersRock, Overkill have them in-store now!

The words that GraphersRock used to describe what they were trying to achieve with their Puma colab were, 'Cyber punk meets techno culture', and it only takes one cursory look at what they produced to see that they nailed it. Firstly, 'Cyber Punk meets techno culture' is probably the most apt way to describe a Disc Blaze we've ever heard. But secondly, the colours they chose drove the idea home. Two colourways are available, a black and a white, both using symbols that represent a design ethos GraphersRock say is favoured by Japanese tech geeks.

The GraphersRock x Puma Disc Blaze will be available exclusively from GraphersRock in Japan from on April 15, and the globally from April 23.

Originally published on April 17, 2016

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