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Go Your Own Way with Reebok's Freestyle Hi

The Reebok Freestyle marks a huge historical waypoint in the progression of the sneaker industry. When it released in 1982 the high-cut aerobics model was the first athletic sneaker specifically designed for and marketed to women. Since then, it’s become a street-style staple for both men and women looking to inject some 80s flair into their wardrobe.

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Reebok’s latest release sees the Freestyle decked out in two pastel shades of sumptuous suede, each resting on a bed of cushy EVA foam. The simple colours let the silhouette speak for itself, highlighting the generously padded Velcro collar and sleek forefoot that give the design its unique stance.

Reebok’s latest women’s Freestyle Hi colourways are available now from Platypus. Head over to their web store to lock 'em down.

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